Our Beginnings

The Tabja we know today hasn’t always had a 100+ staff and multiple locations throughout the country. It all started with a young lady in the 60s with a passion to sew. Taught by her mother Zela and supported by her family to buy her first sewing machine in 1964, young Tabja quickly developed intricate craftsmanship. Soon enough she started designing and making garments for the whole village.

Little did she know her name would be on the clothing tags of thousands of people for the years to come.

The first store was opened in 1988—a 21 m2 dress and traditional clothes boutique which we quickly outgrew. Demand was high and the number of satisfied customers was even higher.

Things were going great until the Kosovo war in 1998 came. Our whole atelier and showroom got completely destroyed and left us with nothing.

While we had nothing materially, we had the willpower and motivation to get the business back up.

And so we did.

The business was back in bloom and flourished in 2006 when we built our 1200 mworkshop and atelier in Drenas, allowing us space to expose all our creations and give comfort to our hardworking staff to do their best work.

Our growth continued with each passing year, and so did the demand for our products. That was why in 2015, we opened our first store in Prishtina… then the second, and then the third.


Today, we’re proud to say we’re locally and globally renowned to be the go-to place for brides to feel glamorous on their special night. Except for bridal wear, we also offer formal gowns, accessories (from jewelry to crowns), and menswear.

Alongside our stores in Drenas and Prishtina, we are also located in Fushe Kosova and Prizren, and our plans for expansion are nowhere near over. Moreover, even though not physically, we are always near our clients, wherever they are. You can find and reach us through our social media channels or by phone at all times. We are always one click away and your favorite dress is just one delivery away to reach your hands. No, it doesn’t matter if you’re located across the world; Tabja does worldwide shipping.


A Family Business

Tabja is a family-owned and -run business. It is led by Remzi Krasniqi, son of the late Tabja, and his family members who are continuing the tradition as the third generation on the leadership board. We believe our dedication for the brand is what makes us thrive; joined with commitment and love for what we do, we think we’ve found the key to success and longevity.

Our Mission

Making women feel confident and look beautiful is what we strive for with every creation.